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This is what LAURIE dreams of contributing to. Through timeless design that is comfortable and flattering at the same time. Through long-lasting quality materials that coexist with nature. And through initiatives that improve the quality of life for everyone behind LAURIE – women as well as men. At the core of the dream shines a sparkling belief in a more sustainable textile industry, where both people, materials, and the environment meet with the utmost respect.

The sustainability ethos is woven into everything we create. And we don't settle for just dreaming. We act and react. That's why we are members of the UN's Global Compact. The mission behind Global Compact is to mobilize a global movement of sustainability-oriented and socially responsible businesses that together contribute to a better world. This is done based on 10 fundamental principles, which are based on international conventions and agreements.

Communication on progress.

As a member of Global Compact, we at LAURIE prepare an annual sustainability report where we describe and document our work based on these 10 principles. It is called Communication on Progress (COP), and we are quite excited about its existence and, not least, the small improvements that Global Compact members collectively create in the deep world oceans of the textile industry.

In this sustainability report, we also share how we work with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. At LAURIE, we particularly focus on the 8th and 12th goals, which address decent work and economic growth, as well as responsible consumption and production. You can read about our specific actions in our latest report from the summer of 2021, which you can find here.


This is also where you can read about why it's not enough for LAURIE that every piece of clothing in our collections is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified – even though that is ambitious in itself. When the next COP report is to be written in the summer of 2022, our goal is to be able to write that in our cotton and viscose garments, after a long focus, we finally exclusively use organic cotton and viscose from FSC- or PEFC-certified forests. If you are curious about how we work to create CSR ambassadors or navigate according to the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct in our supply chain, the COP report is also the place to look.

At LAURIE, we believe that the path to well-being – in addition to soft and comfortable quality clothing – is paved with full openness and transparency. And we give space to both success stories and shadows, as we learn from both. The purpose of it all is to contribute to a textile industry that continues to boost sustainability initiatives and a fashion landscape with room for all women around the world. We remain true to LAURIE's eternal mantra "It’s got to feel right". Because just as good style never goes out of fashion, neither does the right feeling and the good gut feeling.