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Measure your size here

Uncertain about which size will fit you best? No worries!
You can easily find your size using our guide.

The measurements provided are body measurements.

How to measure yourself

Waist: Wrap the measuring tape around your waist, measuring between the highest part of your hips and your bottom ribs.

Hip: Wrap the measuring tape around your hips, measuring around the widest part.

Inside leg length: Measure - with your legs slightly apart - the length of your legs from your crotch down to where you want the trouser leg to stop.

*If your waist measurement is more than one size larger than your hip measurement, we recommend choosing one of our trousers with an elastic waistband.


The measurements you see below are our trousers' lengths - measured from the crotch to the bottom of the trouser leg. The stated measurements are approximate, and a tolerance of +/- 1.5 cm can be expected as all our products are hand-sewn.