Wash with care

Sustainable clothing consumption can start in many places, and it doesn’t just have to be at the clothing producer; it can also be at home.

Every day you face a crucial choice: Should you throw your clothes in the wash, or hang them back up in the wardrobe?

You should be able to enjoy your clothing from LauRie for as long as possible. That’s why we recommend only washing your clothes when needed and not necessarily after each use.

Five simple laundry tips

1. Wash clothing as infrequently as possible. If it’s not dirty, air it out instead.

2. Save energy by filling up the washing machine each cycle.

3. Wash at a low temperature. The temperature given in our washing instructions is the highest possible wash temperature.

4. Reduce the amount of detergent and follow the instructions on your detergent’s label.

5. Avoid tumble drying and try to air-dry clothing as much as possible.


  • The number in the wash tub specifies the maximum washing temperature. Typically, from 30-40 °C and the temperature should not be exceeded.
  • One line below the wash tub means that the textiles should be washed on a gently washing cycle that adds more water and has a smaller load (max 2 kg of clothes) as well as a low spin cycle.
  • Two lines below the wash tub mean that the textiles should be washed on an extra mild washing cycle, for example a wool cycle.
  • Hand wash only at a Temperature of 30°C.
  • The clothes must not be washed.


  • Do not bleach.


  • Drying in the tumble dryer is allowed.
  • Drying in the tumble dryer is allowed at low temperatures.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Line drying.
  • Flat drying.
  • Line drying in the shade.
  • Flat drying in the shade.


  • The dots indicate the temperature for ironing. One dot means that the temperature must not exceed 110 °C, while two dots mean that a temperature that does not exceed 150 °C is allowed. Three dots mean ironing at maximum sole plate temperature of 200 °C.
  • Do not iron.

Professional textile care

  • Dry-cleaning is allowed.
  • Mild dry-cleaning is allowed.
  • Do not dry-clean.