We offer a whole ocean of long-lasting jeans and trousers, and here you can dive into our pants guide, which highlights each silhouette and its unique characteristics.Our trousers are free from harmful chemicals, and we compromise as little on the planet as we do on comfort and quality.    

Find Your Perfect Fit

No matter what style you're into, there's one thing that always comes before everything else: The fits and silhouettes. And, of course, the sustainable look. Well-fitting clothes that fit your figure, bring out your best features and make you feel good. At LAURIE, we've spent more than three decades refining our understanding of fit and silhouettes, so you can always wear jeans and trousers that are comfortable and flattering for your figure.

The right fit is the key to feeling comfortable in your jeans or trousers. The silhouette, on the other hand, defines how the trouser models shape along the legs. With seven different silhouettes, sizes from 32 to 56 and several trouser lengths, there's at least one pair of jeans or trousers from LAURIE that could become your new favourite go-to. The loyal and comfortable pair you can always rely on, whatever the season or occasion.

At LAURIE, the perfect fit is tightly woven with timeless jeans and trousers. Our goal is to create classics that can be worn again and again, styled in all sorts of different ways to suit your taste and style. We offer a whole ocean of long-lasting jeans and trousers, and you can dive into our trouser guide here, which focuses on each silhouette with its distinctive characteristics. All our trousers and jeans are free from harmful chemicals, of course. 


The Slim silhouette follows the shape of the body and gives a slim look down the leg. Slim is similar to the Skinny silhouette, but has a wider shape at the ankles and is slightly looser at the thighs and knees. Slim fit jeans and trousers conform to the shape of the body, but because they are less tight-fitting than Skinny, they are more comfortable and airy to move in. This silhouette is for those who like to accentuate their body shape, and it is both an elegant and timeless silhouette that can be worn for all occasions depending on how you style it. Slim is LAURIE's slimmest silhouette and it's one of our absolute favourites.



The Classic silhouette is slim across the thighs and looser at the bottom, giving a slim look with straight trouser legs. As the name suggests, these are jeans and trousers with a classic look that exudes style. There's something both simple and elegant about Classic, and this silhouette is great for both everyday and parties. For more formal events, Classic is almost an indispensable companion.



The Regular silhouette has a leg cut that gives shape without sitting on the leg. It's neither too tight nor too loose, but somewhere in between - perhaps explaining its enduring popularity with women across Europe. It also gives a feeling of great freedom of movement without being baggy, making it feminine and functional at the same time. Regular suits the vast majority of body types and is proof that you don't have to suffer for beauty. Within the Regular silhouette, you can even choose jeans and trousers that feature LAURIE's patented Magic Slim technology, which ensures a flattering shape. The special feature of Magic Slim is that the jeans and trousers have internal stitching, which fixes the front of the trousers at the pockets. This helps to give your tummy and bottom a slight lift without any tightness - and who doesn't like a slight lift that looks completely natural?



The Straight silhouette is fitted at the waist and has almost the same width from thigh to ankle. These jeans or trousers sit relatively snug across the buttocks, but unlike our Slim silhouette, the trouser legs here are looser and therefore more airy to wear. Just as the name suggests, Straight equals straight trouser legs. They're also closely related to the Regular silhouette - the most noticeable difference being the stretch from knee to ankle, which is more airy in the Straight silhouette. They're just as comfortable to wear as they look, so you're guaranteed a pair of jeans or trousers that are practical and stylish at the same time.



The Loose silhouette features jeans and trousers that are loose all the way from the hip down the leg. Their loose-fitting signature gives them an elegant look that works perfectly with more fitted tops. Over the past decade, Loose has become more and more dominant in the fashion scene, providing a nice counterpoint to the more fitted alternatives. Despite their elegance, they're just as comfortable to wear as a pair of night trousers, and if you like a slightly unpretentious, careless look, they're a wardrobe essential. When you put on a pair of loose jeans or trousers from LAURIE, you can relax and look stylish at the same time.      



The Relaxed silhouette invites - as the name suggests - relaxation. So does that mean they're only for leisure? No, it simply means comfort of the highest order, and as we all know, that can be great for any occasion. Relaxed has the same leg cut as Regular, but is looser from waist to foot, just like the elasticated waist. There may be times of the month when that particular detail is absolutely indispensable, just as there may be special moments when tight waistbands should be kept at bay. It's no wonder the Relaxed silhouette is gaining ground, and at LAURIE we consider it a new classic.