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Serene 5-pocket Slim - Extra Short Length - Black

Sale price€129,00

• Slim fit
• Fixed waistband
• 5-pocket design
• 3 sizes in one
• Good for you who have short legs and are looking for trousers for short women
• Leg length: 70-72 cm
• 49.93% recycled polyester, 46.08% organic cotton, 3.99% elastane

ATTENTION! If you are normally a size 34, we would not recommend the Serene pants concept to you, as the pants will typically be too big.

Serene is a trouser concept created for all days of the month and all the women you are - regardless of where you are in life. Serene is a trouser concept that combines 3 sizes in 1, and with its deep dyeing and remarkable elasticity, you get in Serene a denim classic that is born for a long life. Serene is produced in a mixture of recycled polyester, organic cotton and has a high content of elastane, which helps to give the trousers their stretchability and ensures you optimal comfort. This model has a slim fit, 5-pocket design and extra short leg length. If you therefore have short legs and are looking for trousers for short women, this length is absolutely perfect.

Style no. 100707
Color: Black

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