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Serene 5-pocket Slim - Short Length - Black

Sale price€129,00

• Slim silhouette
• Fixed waistband
• 3 sizes in a single pair of trousers
• Leg length: 75-77 cm
• 50% recycled polyester, 46% organic cotton, 4% elastane

We have expanded the Serene range with this wonderful Slim model, featuring a short leg length and a firm waistband. Serene is the name of our new trousers concept with three different silhouettes and a lightweight high-stretch denim quality that easily adapts to your body. With Serene you get 3 sizes in one single pair of trousers – because one size may fit you on Monday where you may need another size on Thursday. Serene is made from a recycled polyester and organic cotton blend with plenty of elastane for excellent stretchability and optimum comfort. Serene is perfect for every day in the month and for all the women you are – no matter where you are in life.

Style no. 100622
Color: Black

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