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Serene Slim - Short Length - Dark Blue Denim

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• NOTE! The quality is thinner than a normal denim quality
• Slim fit
• Elastic waistband
• 3 sizes in one pair of trousers
• Leg length: 75-77 cm
• The model is 180 cm tall and wears a size 1
• 69,7% organic cotton, 26,7% recycled polyester, 3,6% elastane
• OEKO-TEX® certified

NOTE! If you normally wear a size 34, we would not recommend the Serene trouser concept for you, as the trousers typically will be too large.
The female body is not static; therefore, neither is Serene. Serene is created for all days of the month and all the women you are – no matter where you are in life. Serene is LAURIE's newest trouser concept, combining 3 sizes in 1, and with its deep dye and remarkable elasticity, you get in Serene a denim classic, born for a long life. Serene is produced in a blend of recycled polyester, organic cotton, and has a high content of elastane which gives the trousers their stretch and ensures optimal comfort. Serene comes in two colours and waistband types, as well as several different trouser lengths, so you can surely find the perfect pair of trousers in Serene. Serene Slim is OEKO-TEX® certified.

Style no. 100537
Colour: Dark Blue Denim

Style no. 100537
Color: Dark Blue Denim

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