Viscose and EcoVero™ for you and me

In the last blog, we told you a bit about the benefits of choosing organic cotton. But what should we think about a material like viscose? Viscose is made from wood and is one of the most widely used materials in the fashion industry, primarily because it’s soft and breathable, absorbs colours well, and has a nice way of falling. BUT the manufacture of viscose is not without complications for us and for the environment. A lot of chemicals are used in the process of turning wood into viscose yarn, and trees are important for our climate, biodiversity, the habitat of animals, and the uptake of CO2.

That's why at LauRie we've decided that, from 2022, we will only use viscose from FSC-certified forests, which means that no more wood is felled than the forest can reproduce. We also want to convert much of our production to EcoVero™ - a type of viscose that comes from FSC-certified forests, which is produced in a closed loop in which chemicals and water are recycled, and which consumes up to 50% less water and produces up to 50% fewer CO2 emissions than traditional viscose.

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