Organic cotton for you and me

Now it gets exciting, as we're talking all about cotton - a material that most of us are familiar with. Cotton is one of the most heavily fertilized plants in the world, and also one of the plants whose production requires the most water. Therefore, cotton is one of the materials that is in the spotlight when discussing sustainability in the fashion industry - both because of your health and your environment. 

Organic cotton is a good alternative to regular, non-organic cotton. At least in terms of harmful chemicals, because organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals. This is good news, not least for the environment (the soil and waterways), your health, and for the people working in the cotton fields. But whether it is regular cotton or organic, cotton cultivation requires a lot of water - you can't always have it all! 

At LauRie, we've set ourselves the goal that by 2022, ALL cotton used in our clothing should be organic cotton; and we're already on the way.

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