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Agatha Slim - Medium Length - Dark Blue Denim

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• Slim silhouette
• Firm waistband
• Five-pocket design
• Patented technology
• Leg length: 80-82 cm
• 92% Organic Cotton, 6% Elastane (T400®), 2% Elastane

Agatha Slim are part of LAURIE’s popular Magic Slim range. These trousers feature a classic five-pocket design with a firm waistband. The secret behind LAURIE’s patented Magic Slim technology is that the trousers have internal stitching that tethers the front of the trousers to the pockets. This lifts your stomach and bottom slightly without feeling tight. They are made from an organic-cotton denim and have a medium leg length.

Style no. 20313
Color: Dark Blue Denim

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