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We believe that as a company and brand, we have an obligation to inspire conscious and responsible consumption. We aim to encourage buying less but better.

Therefore, sales and discounts are not a common occurrence for us. We always strive to maintain reasonable prices without promoting overproduction or encouraging overconsumption. This allows us to break free from fast fashion and the constant turnover of goods. It's also why we design our clothing to be deliberately simple, not belonging to any specific time. The idea is to create clothing that can endure, and that you would want to keep or pass on.

A few years ago, it was trendy to talk about 'sustainable fashion.' However, manufacturing new clothing is not sustainable. It demands enormous resources from our environment, and therefore, we need to think carefully and choose wisely every time we bring new clothing into the world.

We aspire to a more responsible approach to fashion with a focus on Slow Fashion, where we invest in creating timeless wardrobe classics woven with care.