Yes, sustainability can be overwhelming!

Sustainability is a broad concept, both to understand and relate to. Wanting to live a life in the spirit of sustainability can seem overwhelming. There is a lot of (new) information to consider, but what should you focus on? Why not start by focusing on one of the industries in our daily lives that is subject to most criticism - the fashion industry. We really want to help you along the way with some tips on how you can easily take better care of yourself, the environment, and the industry's workforce.

This is what our next blog posts will focus on. But remember, we're not wagging our finger or asking anyone to be perfect. On the contrary. We have been working on sustainability for many, many years - and the journey isn't over yet. We're developing together with our partners and constantly finding new paths that we should follow. So look forward to posts on certifications, how to best wash your clothes, and of course, which materials are best when clothes shopping. All written for you and me.

Because, as we say, although a pair of trousers can't save the world, it's a good place to start!

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