Long trousers

Long trousers – the essentials in any wardrobe. LauRie offers several lengths making it possible for any woman to find the perfect pair, regardless of height. 5-pocket or with elastic waistband, several comfortable qualities and in six flattering silhouettes, regardless of which LauRie guarantees that once the right silhouette is found, one pair will not be enough.
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Long trousers



At LauRie you will discover a wide selection of long trousers that provide the comfortable fit for women in every female shape and size. LauRie appreciates the female curves in all forms and takes a pride in creating trousers that give the ultimate fit for every woman. Our selection of women's long trousers includes trousers with and without stretch, pockets, and elastic waistband. Additionally, our assortment contains high waist and low waist trousers, depending on your preference for fit. We likewise offer trousers with extra length, which enables you to find the long trousers that are tailored for your body figure. At LauRie you will also find the long trousers in many different colours, patterns, and materials. You can therefore freely choose the right trousers that will make a perfect match to your wardrobe and personal style. Maybe you wish to complete your summer outfit with a pair of long, flowered trousers? Or do you merely seek versatile denim trousers that go with every outfit? Our selection of the long trousers for women includes anything from light summer trousers in silk and cotton to stylish trousers in leather and denim.


Every year, we renew our assortment with two new collections that are tailored for the current season and fashion. At LauRie you will, therefore, find the fashionable trousers that follow the latest trends and the right choice of materials, colours and designs. Explore the selection presented in our online shop and find the perfect long trousers that provide not only the comfortable fit but also reflect the newest fashion trends.