Terms & conditions

General information

These terms and conditions apply when you use and/or order items from Laurie-shop.eu. The webshop Laurie-shop.eu is owned by COZE AARHUS A/S, CBR no.: 14332340, Sindalsvej 33-35, DK-8420 Risskov.

We recommend that you read the terms and conditions carefully before making purchases in the webshop.

You are always welcome to contact Customer Service if you have any questions concerning your order:

Tel.: +45 35 30 10 92
Email: customerservice@laurie-shop.eu 
Post: Sindalsvej 33-35, DK-8420 Risskov.
Attn: Customer Service.

Customer Service is open to accept calls from 
Monday-Thursday between 9.00 and 16.00 (Lunch break between 12.00 and 12.30)
Friday between 9.00 and 15.00 (Lunch break between 12.00 and 12.30)

The expected response time for e-mails to Customer Service is around 1 business day.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without further notice. The edition of the terms and conditions applying to your order will be the edition at Laurie-shop.eu as of the date of your order. If you do not accept the terms and conditions, you cannot order or purchase items from the webshop. 

When you have placed an order, you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail, which will also include these terms and conditions. We recommend that you save this document.

You retain the right to cancel your purchase for up to 14 days from the date of your receipt of the items, as specified in "Right of cancellation". Your purchase is also subject to the regulations concerning faults and defects in the Danish Sale of Goods Act, about which you can read more in "Complaints and defective deliveries".


We reserve the right to cancel the purchase agreement in any of the following situations without holding any liability for compensation or other expenses:

• Your payment details are not correct or cannot be verified. 
• Your order has been placed for the purpose of committing fraud, etc. or in conjunction with a criminal act or other illegal activity.
• An unintended error occurs on the website, e.g. a payment error, etc.

Editing orders
Before you place an order, you can edit the information you have entered, including delivery and invoicing details, or payment details. You can also change items or remove items from your shopping basket. When you click on "Approve order and pay" you must confirm your delivery details. Then the payment is completed and a receipt is displayed on your screen. From this time you are bound by the purchase agreement, and the rules concerning the right of cancellation apply. Read more in "Right of cancellation". 

After your order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. For as long as your order has the ”Waiting” status, you can add, change or delete items from your order. 

Please note: If you use Visa Electron or MasterCard when you edit your order, another reservation of the total amount of your order will be made automatically, while the reservation of the total amount of your original order will be cancelled immediately by COZE AARHUS A/S. However, it may take up to 6 weeks for the reservation to be cancelled by your bank.

Means of payment

You can pay using Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard/Eurocard, when you shop via the webshop. Your payment will not be drawn on the selected payment service until your items are dispatched from our warehouse for delivery to you.

Payment by credit card
You can use your payment cards on a secure basis. Our payment system is PCI-certified This is a worldwide security standard developed by Visa and Mastercard. If you pay by credit card, you will be asked to enter the card's control digits. You will find the three control digits on the reverse of your credit card, usually on the right-hand side. The control digits are necessary to complete the payment, and to maintain a high security level. 

Please note: When you edit your order, and you use Visa Electron or MasterCard for the editing, the amount for each “new” order is automatically reserved again. The reservation of the amount on your original order will naturally be cancelled immediately by COZE AARHUS A/S. The length of time the previous registered sum remains on your credit card can take up to 6 weeks.

Prices and delivery

On Laurie-shop.eu all of the prices stated for items, delivery costs and other costs include taxes, VAT and excise duties, with reservation for misprints, price changes, delayed delivery and items that are sold out. 

Read more about delivery costs under "Dispatch".

The webshop prices vary according to the country of your delivery address. Please use the ”Change Country” function at the top of the page if you wish to change your choice of country. Please note that changing country may influence price/currency and delivery costs, and that your order can only be delivered in the country in which you have a registered address. 

Terms of delivery
Items ordered at Laurie-shop.eu are only delivered to addresses outside Denmark. If delivery to other countries is required, please use the ”Change Country” function before you place your order. The time of delivery will depend on the country of delivery and the haulage contractor used. 

We deliver to private addresses or parcel shop. You must sign for the items on receipt/collection. Either you or other persons at the delivery address must sign for receipt, with binding effect for you. Please note that you carry the risk for the item after delivery.

When you have received the parcel, you should check the items. If the parcel and/or its content is damaged, you must contact our Customer Service or the Post immediately. If you wish to complain about any faults and defects, you must inform us as described in "Complaints and defective deliveries".

You can track your parcel via track & trace from its dispatch until its delivery.

We deliver the parcel to the address you entered on the webshop. If you are not home when the postman calls, you can collect your parcel at the post office, depending on your local post service.

Belgium 2-5 business days
Bulgaria 6-8 business days
Cyprus 6-8 business days
Estonia 6-8 business days
Finland 4-6 business days
France* 4-6 business days
Faroe Islands 4-9 business days
Greece 6-8 business days
Greenland 14-20 business days
Netherlands 2-5 business days
Ireland 4-6 business days
Iceland 5-10 business days
Italy 4-6 business days
Croatia 6-8 business days
Latvia 6-8 business days
Lithuania 6-8 business days
Luxembourg 2-5 business days
Malta 6-8 business days
Norway* 2-5 business days
Poland 4-6 business days
Portugal* 4-6 business days
Romania 6-8 business days
Switzerland 4-6 business days
Slovakia 4-6 business days
Slovenia 4-6 business days
Spain* 4-6 business days
United Kingdom* 2-5 business days
Sweden 2-5 business days
Czech Republic 2-5 business days
Germany 2-4 business days
Hungary 2-5 business days
Austria 2-4 business days

Right of cancellation

If you wish to return an item, at LauRie-shop.eu you have 14 days' right of cancellation as from the date that you receive the item. This means that within 14 days of your physical receipt of the item, you must inform us that you wish to cancel your purchase. You must then return the item as soon as possible. Please note that you must return the item no later than 14 days after you have informed us of this.

Please contact us on customerservice@laurie-shop.eu or by phone +45 35 30 10 92 to let us know, that you return items, and to receive the return slip you have to include your return. 

NB: You cannot exercise the right of cancellation merely by refusing to receive the item, or by failing to collect it from the transporter. The right of cancellation also does not apply (1) to items that have been customised to your personal specifications; (2) to items from which you have removed the seal/packaging, and where the item cannot be returned on health protection or hygienic grounds.

We always reimburse your money to the same means of payment as you used to pay for your items, and no later than 14 days from the date on which you informed us of the cancellation. It is possible that we will retain the amount until we have received the returned items, or you have sent proof of dispatch of the items, whichever occurs first.

Please note that you may lose the purchase amount, in full or in part, if we assess that the value of the item is impaired because in real terms you have used the item. You are naturally permitted to try on the item in the same way as you would do in a physical shop.

We estimate the value on the basis of a concrete assessment of the returned item.

You must pay for shipping costs associated with the return of the goods. The bag should be sent as parcel post and can be dropped off at the post office.

NB: You are liable for any damage occurring during transport. Your right of reimbursement does not include any credit card charges or other means-of-payment charges that we have paid to the acquirer.

Return and exchange
If you wish to return an item or exchange an item to another size or colour, you have 14 days' right of cancellation as from the date on which you receive the item (read more under Right of cancellation).

It is important that the item is returned with hang tags and in the same condition as when you received it, if you wish to exchange it for an equivalent item, or to have the full purchase price reimbursed. Please note that you cannot exchange items for items that cost more than the returned items.

What you must do
The post bag in which you receive your items is designed to be used to return the item. This means that you do not have to invest in expensive packaging, which is an advantage for both you and the environment.

To return or exchange an item, you just need to complete the return slip we send to you. Wrap the item securely, enclose the return slip and send back the packaged items as soon as possible, and within 14 days. Hand in the bag to the post office. You must pay for shipping costs associated with the return of the goods. The bag should be sent as parcel post and can be dropped off at the post office.
Please note that you are responsible for the parcel/items until we receive them. Therefore you should save the post receipt and any track and trace number. Please note that we do not accept parcels sent on cash on delivery terms.

Complaints and defective deliveries

At COZE AARHUS A/S we focus on quality, but if, contrary to expectations, you experience faults or defects in an item, your purchase is subject to the Danish Sale of Goods Act, including the regulations concerning faults and defects, and you have 24 months' right of complaint for all items. 

You must file a complaint within a "reasonable time" after you have discovered a defect in the item. We recommend that you complain as quickly as possible, and within 2 months after the fault is discovered. 

Even though we at COZE AARHUS A/S have made every effort to depict colour and quality as accurately as possible, computers' colours and screen resolutions can vary. Minor colour discrepancies are therefore not deemed to be a defect in the sense of the Danish Sale of Goods Act.

Incorrect deliveries
If you receive the wrong item, you just need to return it to us and we will send you a correct item, free of charge. If the item is sold out, we will reimburse the full amount to you. For incorrect deliveries, return postage is naturally also free of charge for you, and you just need to follow the same procedure as for returned items.

Other conditions

By using Laurie-shop.eu you accept that we use cookies. You can find more information about cookies here.

We reserve the right to transfer our rights and obligations, pursuant to the agreement with you, to any third party. Such transfer is subject to the condition that there is no impairment of the standard of the service you receive. We will notify you of any such transfer. By accepting these terms, you consent to any such future transfer. 

Access to complain
You have access to complain to the Danish Consumer Complaints Board if you are not satisfied with the item you have purchased and cannot reach agreement with our Customer Service on a reasonable solution to the dispute. Follow the link here to submit an online complaint to the Danish Consumer Complaints Board. 

If you are resident in another country than Denmark, you can find your national consumer complaints board via this link

Governing law and legal venue
Any agreement between us that is subject to these terms and conditions will be governed by Danish law. Any dispute will be settled before the ordinary Danish courts.