Well-fitting trousers or jeans that highlight your best features are a must in every woman's wardrobe. For more than 30 years, LauRie has specialised in comfortable fits and flattering silhouettes. The right fit is needed for you to be comfortable in your jeans or trousers. The silhouette, on the other hand, determines how the trouser styles are shaped through the leg. With nine different silhouettes, sizes ranging from 32 to 56 and various leg lengths, there's at least one pair of LauRie trousers that will fit perfectly in your wardrobe. Fundamentally, trousers and jeans should fit you properly: "It's got to feel right".


Skinny is the most tight-fitting silhouette in the collection. Skinny trousers give a skinny look from waist to foot.


The Slim silhouette follows the body's shape and creates a slim look down the leg. Slim trousers have a wider design at the ankles than Skinny.


The Classic silhouette is slim at the thigh and looser further down, creating a slim look with straight legs.


The Bootcut silhouette has a close fit at the thigh but flares out below and is wide at the foot.


Trousers and jeans in the Regular silhouette are cut in a way that gives shape to the legs without clinging. Regular is neither too tight nor too loose.


The Straight silhouette has a loose fit and nearly the same width from thigh to foot. These jeans have straight legs.


Trousers and jeans in the Loose silhouette are loose from the hip and down through the leg.


The Relaxed silhouette has the same cut through the legs as Regular, but is looser from waist to foot and has an elasticated waistband.