A pair of trousers for every woman 

We’re a Danish clothing company and, since 1987, we’ve been working under the mantra ‘It’s got to feel right.’ For us, that means our clothing has to be comfortable to wear, and produced with sustainability in mind. It’s got to feel right – all the way from the beginnings of a design to the finished product you hold in your hands.

We have more than 30 years’ experience behind us, but we’re constantly trying to evolve and improve. That applies in particular to our approach to products, suppliers, customers, colleagues and, last but not least, our surroundings and environment. The mantra ‘It’s got to feel right’ is equally important in every aspect of our business. It feels rights for us, so we believe it will for you too.

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Designed in Denmark, produced in Europe 

Loved by women all over the world

Timeless and well-thought-out design  

We design two collections a year, brimming with timeless styles good enough to be loved and worn season after season. But even when creating the best versions of every wardrobe’s classic basics, such as feminine blouses, sharp blazers and comfortable trousers, it’s always with current trends in mind.

All of our products come into existence with a fundamental focus on fit and comfort, because we believe durable products deserve well-thought-out design. Responsible production and respect for the materials we use are a natural part of our design philosophy. LauRie is made for fashion-conscious women of all ages, who appreciate unprecedented quality and unbeatable comfort.

We are designed in Denmark, produced in Europe and loved by women all over the world. Today, you can get your hands on LauRie clothing at more than 1200 retailers in over 20 different countries.

You have to feel comfortable  

You can’t say LauRie without saying trousers, and we’re proud to be able to present Northern Europe’s largest selection of basic trousers. Our dream is for women of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable in LauRie, and we go to great lengths for the ultimate fit. Our designer draws on more than 30 years’ experience each time she tests and amends a new LauRie collection.

Today, LauRie’s reliable fit is a must for a multitude of women across the globe. We feel confident that with sizes 32–56, nine different silhouettes and many different lengths and qualities, we have at least one pair of LauRie trousers for every woman.


At LauRie, we have introduced a secondary line called lightblue into our range. lightblue is created for those on the go. Those who desire an uncomplicated and feminine look, with an eye for well-chosen details and comfort. lightblue is for those who refuse to compromise on aesthetics, fit and materials, as well as manufacturing conditions. Because why should we?

Lightblue, just like LauRie, has an uncompromising focus on fit. We know that the right fit and high comfort are essential to you being able to use your clothing again and again, year after year. Therefore, lightblue aims to meet the demands of the modern woman. A woman on the go, who needs to be able to feel comfortable in lightblue for many hours every single day. We do this by creating simple, well-designed and well-made styles that can fulfill multiple purposes. The fit is key. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Mix & Match

With our secondary line lightblue, we will be introducing two small collections a year, that are easy to mix and match with your LauRie favourites. The inspiration comes from our Danish roots and the changing potential of the seasons. As the name implies, the colour blue plays a special role – but always in correlation with harmonies of colour that fit right into any wardrobe.

“Just like at LauRie, the aim with lightblue is to create quality Danish design with a long service life. We need to consume less, and this places high demands on our clothing - both in terms of fit, comfort and aesthetics. Responsible production and a respect for the materials we use is a natural part of our design philosophy. Therefore, lightblue focuses on a small selection of gorgeous designs with well-chosen details. This means that you can let yourself fall in love with our designs, which are easy to combine with LauRie’s wider range.”

Marlene Ihler, lightblue designer

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What is sustainability?  

The word sustainability is cropping up everywhere. But what does it mean to say that your LauRie clothing is sustainable?
Sustainable clothing is produced using textiles that are strictly controlled in terms of the raw materials they’re made of, how they’re processed and the impact they have on our environment. The textile industry is one of the worst culprits when it comes to pollution of our environment and poor working conditions. We want to help put an end to this.

No harmful chemicals  

LauRie creates quality clothing that’s sustainable with regards to design, choice of materials and production. Conventionally produced clothing often contains residue from chemicals that is gradually released as the clothing is put to use. This chemical residue ends up inside the person wearing the clothes. As the first women’s fashion brand in our home country of Denmark, we were certified by the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® in 2016. That’s your guarantee that OEKO-TEX® certified clothing from LauRie is kind to both your skin and the environment. You can therefore be confident that even the zip in your new OEKO-TEX® certified LauRie jeans has been produced without harmful chemicals.

In addition to producing durable, quality clothing, we also support various good causes. We have joined the UN’s Global Compact, an initiative fighting to promote human and labour rights, environment protection and anti-corruption. We also work closely with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (amfori BSCI), where we strive towards improvements in human and working rights in the production of our own clothing.

Sustainability must be easy 

We’ve taken action so you can sit back and enjoy the feel of a sustainable choice on your own body. It’s good for you, good for the people who produced the clothing and good for our planet. Sustainable fashion should be easy. With us, it is. We know the perfect pair of trousers won’t change the world, but LauRie is a good place to start.