Jeans are always in fashion. The mind’s the limit when it comes to styling your favourite pair for any occasion. Jeans are, and always will be, a hit – whether it’s an old, familiar pair or some brand-new favourites. LauRie has a huge selection of jeans to offer. Choose between LauRie jeans with a simple, 5-pocket design or a comfortable, elasticated waistband.
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Wardrobe classics

Jeans are a classic. These popular wardrobe items are produced using the resistant cotton material denim and are available in all kinds of colours, washes and qualities. At LauRie, you’ll find a large range of contemporary women’s jeans, which we have in an array of cuts and silhouettes. Jeans never go out of fashion, and we’re sure to have the jeans that’ll turn into your wardrobe favourites for years to come. Discover our selection of jeans here.

Sustainable jeans

Jeans production is one of the worst environmental culprits. This is partly due to the large number of chemicals and pesticides that drain down into the earth or into rivers and drinking water during the process of dying the denim. At LauRie, we want to look after both you and the environment. Therefore, we produce our beautiful jeans entirely without the use of harmful chemicals. It’s good for you, good for the people who make the jeans and good for our planet. LauRie is always aiming to improve, so most of our jeans are now available in ecological cotton, so you can indulge yourself with a clean conscience.

Discover the perfect pair of jeans

At LauRie, you’ll find jeans in nine different silhouettes and in sizes 32–56. Our jeans are created with the perfect fit in mind. Fit is the key word when you’re looking for your new favourite pair of jeans. Your new jeans should fit you just right, which is why we guarantee a high level of movement and comfort. We have jeans in different lengths, so you can always find a pair to suit your leg length, regardless of height. If you need help finding the perfect jeans, why not take a look at our guide and find out more about our silhouettes.