Capri – the first sign of summer from LauRie. With a length above or below the knee these popular trousers unite spring and summer in the best possible way. Timeless Denim, Casual Twill and Classic Bengaline provide great many opportunities to be summer chic every hour and every day. Capri trousers from LauRie are available as 5-pocket or with elastic waistband and in several flattering colors.




Capri trousers, or capris, are characterized by its leg length that is up to a few inches under the knees. Capri trousers can be, therefore, called half-length trousers or 3/4 long trousers. At LauRie you can find an extensive selection of capris trousers to reflect the latest trends, as well as to provide the perfect fit for every female body. We make trousers that fit to all female body shapes and sizes, so every woman can wear a pair of LauRie's capris trousers that neither feels too tight nor uncomfortable to walk around daily. We, therefore, offer Capri trousers in all possible fits in order for you to find the right pair for your body and your own female curve.


LauRie’s capris are available in various colours, materials and fits. You might be looking for light capris trousers to complete the summer outfit? Or maybe you need elegant capris for more formal use? Regardless any occasions or purposes, you will find the perfect pair of capris at LauRies. We renew our assortment each year with two new collections in order to provide not only a perfect fit but also to follow the current fashion trends.

Newest trends

As a result, LauRie’s capris are designed in a subtly elegant and classic style, and at the same time reflected the latest fashion trend. Explore our online shop and expand your wardrobe with a pair of the stylish LauRie's capris that is perfect for you. The capris trousers have been on the fashion list for many years and will unlikely be taken off anytime soon.